Monday, December 17, 2007

Grizz sure loves his dad

These two are inseparable lately. To be honest, it is kind of starting to tic me off. He used to be such a mamma's boy.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


I have been tagged by Meri and Rachel and I am FINALLY getting to the goods. This might be kind of hard to think of 6 unusual things for both Ken-dog and myself, but here it goes...

1. When I was little I sucked my thumb for a REALLY REALLY long time. Like we are talkin' until the 3rd or 4th grade. And that would explain the 5 years of braces and head-gear that followed. Man I wish I had a picture of that to share with ya.

2. I have a very very soft spot in my heart for elderly men. It is not unusual for me start crying UNCONTROLLABLY when I see one eating alone in a restaurant, asking for money, or even just driving slowly down the highway. I don't know what it is about old men that tugs on my heart strings, but they always have and probably always will.

3. I sleep with those dorky eye masks every single night. I am tellin' ya, if you have never tried them it is pure bliss.

See how peaceful she sleeps.

4. I am a firm believer that breakfast IS MOST CERTAINLY the most important meal of the day. I will be late for work before I will miss or even rush myself through my favorite meal of the day. I also eat the same two things for b-fast every single day. (1.)Cereal with frozen blueberries when it's warm out (this works great for me bc I am not a real fan of milk ya see. This tasty treat tricks me into getting the calcium my little bones need by making the milk almost like a blueberry slushy).Mmmm Mmmm baby!
And (2.)For the cold mornings like today I go with the toasty oatmeal, also with blueberries. Real oatmeal not those nasty packets that are 80% sugar and 20%oats.

5. I grew up in the small town of Price where we really had to be creative with our activities. One of the ever so populars for us young girls was to sneak out late at night and meet at the canal swing for some swinging, swimming and skinny dipping. There really was something invigorating about swinging buck-naked by the light of the moon and then blindly dropping into the nasty brown, infested with who knows what, water. Seriously you couldn't pay me enough to get in that water now. It is a wonder none of us gals got any diseases.

6. As much as I try to fight it, I am REALLY REALLY baby hungry.

1. When Ken was about 6 years old he went through a little stage of kleptomania. He stole a flashlight from a neighbor, toys from friends and even jewelry from his grandma. All who fell victim of his shen-nan-agans turned him in to his mom and begged her not to get mad at him! Luckily go grew out of this stage.

2.When Ken and I were dating he would call and sing to me on my voicemail. The first time he did this he sang "Just to be with you" by Mr. Big. To this day that is one of our favorite love songs.

3. Kenny kisses Grizzly and tells him he loves him when he thinks no one is watching.

4. When we get together for family parties Ken is never a part of the adult activities or conversation. He would MUCH RATHER be playing hide and go seek or tag with all of the nieces and nephews. Because of this, he is by far the favorite Uncle, but I think Ken actually enjoys these childish games more than the kidos.

5. I think that Ken was pampered just a tad more than I was growing up. And as a result of this he has some "high maintenance" ways about him. For example: he cannot let his pillows touch the ground, EVER. Not even if it is on our very own brand new carpet! (Someone out there please tell me that is not how everyone outside of the Heiner family is). His bedding must be washed at least once a week. And my personal favorite, he MUST have a certain kind of toothpaste, soap, and laundry products or "he will break out". Can I just say that this created some small moments of frustration during that first year of marriage.

6. I think that we would all laugh our heads off if we could spend a day in the life of Ken's thoughts. Let me illustrate why. This is a very typical conversation for Ken and I.

Driving along silently...

Me: What ya thinking about?
(don't kid yourself that I am hoping he is thinking about having little Johnson babies.)

Ken: Actually I was just thinking about what I would do if I was attacked by a pack of wolves and all I had to defend myself was a pocket knife. Do you think I would win?

Me: Sigh. Yeah sweety I am sure you could show 'em whose boss.

Ken: Yeah I think so. I was also thinking about who would win in a fight between a Tiger and a Lion. What do you think? Or what about a Grizzly bear or a Polar Bear? Now that could be good fight.

He could then proceed to talk like this for hours on end.

Ok, I guess it's time to do some tagging! I want to hear 6 unusual things about Jill, Marnae, Christy, Abby, Skyler and Kenya.

Friday, December 7, 2007

This is some funny stuff!

If you've already seen this, then enjoy for a second time. For you new comer's, follow the link to the website below and get ready to laugh your butt off! Ken and I want to get married again so that we can perform it!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Weekend in Grand Junction

Last weekend my oldest brother moved, with his wife and four kids, from Iowa City to Grand Junction Colorado! My family is thrilled. They have lived so far away for eight long years and now they are finally just a simple 4 hours away.
All the Heiner's went out to help them move into their new beautiful home. We worked, and played, and laughed a lot. We had a great time... I just might have the best family in the world. Kenny and I fell in love with Colorado and seriously want to move there in the near future. Here are some pics. Just a is kind of picture overload.

PS-I just got put into the YW presidency in my ward. I am over personal progress and might be just a tiny bit overwhelmed about it:) If any of you sweet gals have any ideas or suggestions as to how your ward works with PP I would REALLY APPRECIATE it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ferocious I Tell Ya

For those of you who may worry about me when I am home alone...don't. I have the best watch dog in America. He spends have of his little life laying out on the balcony, just waiting for an intruder to dare approach our home. And when they do (they usually being my next-door neighbors children) Watch Out! Grizzly can growl and scowl with the best of him. He may only be 3lbs...but that is 3lbs of pure fury baby!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Goodbye Sweet October...

Well folks one of my favorite months of the year has come and gone. I love everything about the month of October...the colors, smells, activities, weather, decorations. You name it, I love it. I am sad October is over but what a month it has been.

A couple weeks ago we got together with our sweet neighbor friends for a night of scares and terrors. We went to The Pie restaurant and accidentally ordered enough pizza to feed an army of hungry dieters. Oops.

After dinner we went and saw THRILLER.
I LOVE this performance, but I DON'T LOVE the scary zombies that come up from behind you and breath down your back. I swear the creatures target me. They know I cannot handle it. When I see them coming my heart immediately begins to pound, I start to sweat, and it is not unusual to witness screaming and tears from me. Yes, people, I know they are just dancers dressed up to be zombies, but my mind looses all reason in the heat of the moment.

This one would not leave me alone! I should have yanked on the dangling arm. That would have showed her:)

This is my friend Rachel and her husband Mick. As this action shot so beautifully depicts, Rachel is just as big of a baby about getting scared as I am. Haha! I love you Rach!

Ken was protecting me from this one. What a stud.

I am happy to report that we survived the night. Thanks for all the fun guys!

We carved ourselves some more mean pumpkins this year!

And last, but not least, we attended the Halloween Bash of the Year
Thanks to the best hosts we know, Devin and Jen Bird, we got together with lots of our favorite friends on Halloween night. We ate, and laughed at each others costumes, and played games, and ate some more. Good times! Here are some of the costumes from the night.

Ken was Joe Dirt and I was his Chick Brandy

Mike and Andrea as Dawg and his Wife. So Hilarious!

Devin, Jen and Paityn as Dorthy, the Wicked Witch, and...I am not really sure, but she/he sure can dance:)

Abbie and Seth as Oompa Loompas

Sean and Lynzi as a Witch and her Broom

Nancy as Rainbow Bright
I didn't get pictures of everyone... Ken's personal favorite for the night was Matt Gammell as Christopher Robins. So Funny!
What a rockin' Halloween!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Shat is the title of this entry because that is the exact word that came out of my mouth just a mere 2 hours ago, when I was the victim of a re-ending car accident. There I was, just a minding my own business as I tried to find my cousin's baby shower. I was totally lost and already getting frustrated when...BAM, BANG, "SHAT"!!!!
The sweet Maxima was hit unexpectedly from the behind. Her cute little bumper smashed into oblivion. I, of coarse teared up immediately, tried to pull over through fogged up vision and attempted to get control of myself. I looked over at the evil VW Jetta that had just hit me and there were about 8 teenage boys piling out of all four doors. They looked like trouble from the start I tell ya. I walked over to them just in time to see two of them showering their black hoodies down in air-freshener.Hmmmmm. Now I am not expert, but I suspect they were smoking the marijuana cigarette. Two other cars, full of boys, then pulled over and all present (except for the driver/villain of coarse) jumped into the get-a-way vehicles and fled the scene in a flash. What do you think? Suspicious? Those dirty rascals.
I was then left, alone in the dark, with a pissed off) 17 year old boy. "Big gulps huh? Well see ya later" No, but it was totally awkward until his sweet mom and the funny female cop showed up. They were both really nice and light hearted about the whole thing and we got to be good old friends by the end of it all. We all met at Starbucks for a warm treat on our way home. Ok that part was made up.
So anyways, this is my sad sob story for the night. If anyone know of any good body-shop peeps that can give us an estimate please let me know. If not, just feel sorry for-me that is good too:)


By the looks of it I was the one smoking the marijuana cigarette.

Alright, alright I will stop with the saddness.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A little friendly competition

Every October we rent a creepy movie and carve pumpkins together. It always turns into a "who can carve the best one" contest and let's be honest...I always win. But to my serious disgust, I think I lost this year. Don't tell Ken that I am admiting this but his little creation seriously rocked this year. Here are some picks. Who do you think won??? Dont worry it won't hurt my feelings.

Artist hard at work

Injury sustained mid-project. Judges please take this into consideration while casting your votes.

Finished Masterpieces

Don't let that smooth little grin fool ya. He was happy when I cut my finger.

May the best man win

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Things that I love lately...

Not a whole lot to post about this week, so I thought another list was in order.

1. Fall Decorations-Actually I love everything about Fall. By far my favorite season!
2. General Conference - Please tell me that I was not the only person who balled her eyes out during Elder Worthlins talk. I, emotionally, CANNOT handle stuff like that.
3. Clorox Bleach Wipes
4. Lunch at Kneaders-with the Revolutionaries of coarse.
5. Facials
6. Sunday game night with friends.
7. Clean sheets
8. True Religion Jeans-In regards to expensive jeans my sweet friend Mauri put it "Once you go black you will never go back." Oh how true her words have become.
9. Cheering on my best boy, Jan Jorgensen, as he dominates the BYU football field.
10. 1$ E.L.F makeup-if you have get to experience this go to
11. New soup recipes
12. Date night with Ken
13. Doggy Lortab-Grizz got his goods removed this week. OUCH!
14. When you get a class four patient and their calculus comes off in full, complete, fingernail size masses. For those of you who don't clean teeth for a living you can equivocate this love to when you have a really bad sunburn and you start to peel. Cleaning tartar like this is like pulling off the sheetlike piece of dead skin that just goes and goes. Ahhhh.
15. Blog stocking:)
16. Buttermilk syrup-oh sweet peeps...if you don't have this recipe your life is not complete. I made German pancakes with buttermilk syrup for our conference breakfast today and it was like that "What About Bob" scene where Bill Murray say "Mmmmmmm" "Mmmmmmm" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm" all through dinner. That was us this morning because this syrup is just that good!
Here is the recipe.

Buttermilk Syrup

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. baking soda

Boil the sugar, buttermilk, butter, and vanilla until the sugar dissolves.

Then add the baking soda. Try to serve immediately because the backing soda will make it all foamy and bubbly, which is how you want to eat it because it's delightful. Seriously you'll want to drink this stuff.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Lia Sophia Jewelry Party

Happy Monday everybody! This post is meant to invite all those who visit this blog out to a Lia Sophia Jewelry party I am hosting on Thursday evening. If you have never seen this jewelry before, you will love it! You can check out there website at I this stuff is 50 times cuter in person. Anyways, I know I sent many of you invitations, but I know that there are also many of you that I missed because I started collecting addresses way too late. I think that I drove the sweet gal, who is in charge of all this, to pert near madness. She probably asked me for my guest's names and addresses 10 times before I finally just gave her all that I had. So please don't think that if you didn't receive an invitation that you aren't invited. All of my family and friends (and all of their family and friends) are more than welcome to join for a night of cheesecake, girl talk, and jewelry.

It will be held at the Pemberley Clubhouse in Pleasant Grove. Please call me if you need directions. It will begin at 7:00. And now for the very most IMPORTANT PART...there is absolutely NO PRESSURE to buy ANYTHING! I promise I could not care less if you purchase a thing! I am doing this for a free necklace that I get no matter what. Even if no one comes and it is just me that the sweet Lia Sophia gals staring at each other as we each chow down 4 pieces of cheesecake:) So NO NO NO NO pressure. I would actually just love to hug you all and see all of your sweet faces. Hooray for shopping for girl stuff!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

BIG week

It has been an eventful week for the Johnson bunch. We finally finished our home improvement project of painting our kitchen cabinets. Wow! It was definitely a project, but they turned out great and we're glad we did it. I just made Ken promise that if I ever talk of doing such things again he will say "McKenzie, remember the kitchen cabinets. Repeat after me...You are not Martha Stewart and I am not Tim Taylor." Yea we will see how long that last since I am already seeing more I would like to do in our little home.

My sister had her sweet Baby Berklie last night!!!! Mom and baby are healthy and beautiful. It was so fun to bring her other daughter Reagan to the hospital to meet her little sister for the first time. She was EX STATIC! She ran down the hospital hall yelling "my baby Berklie came out! My baby Berklie came out!" It was such a fun night to be a part of. Childbirth is nothing short of a miracle.

It is Grizzly's 1st birthday today! We had big plans for him, but the FREEZING cold weather has kind of put a damper on things. Anyways it is crazy that he has been a part of our little family for that long. We love him to pieces-even though he pulled an escape and got lost for like 15 minutes today. I thought he had gone and gotten himself killed on his birthday:)

Another excitement this week was Mike and Andrea's wedding. They had the most beautiful reception in history! It totally made me want to get married again:) Congrats again you guys! We love you!

And last but certainly not least... TV's biggest premiere week! Hallah for Greys Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, The Office, Prison Break, and Desperate Housewives. Thanks the heavens for Tivo!


AFTER...This picture doesn't do it justice. It really is cute, I promise.

My mom, Reagan and Berklie

The Birthday Boy-He kind of looks like a orphan dog here because he is in suck desperate need of a groomin'.