Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

We recently got together with friends/family and carved some sweet pumpkins. It was pretty intense. We might as well be professionals. I've been so proud of my spider that I still haven't thrown it away!

Yesterday we went out to dinner to Ruby River, to Gateway and then to a sweet place called Keys on Main. We were celebrating Kelsey's big birthday. We had a BLAST! We are lucky to have such good friends in our lives.

This pic needs an explanation...The three guys are such "guzzlers" that they asked the waitress if she would just start them off with four cokes each. She had to bring out their drinks on this huge platter. How embarrassing!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grizzly Update

Well as many of you know, our sweet little Grizzly was run over by a car two weeks ago. My sweet friend Rachel took Grizz and her dog, Pixie, up to their favorite park to play. They were having a grand old time just running, wrestling and chasing rabbits. They were having so much fun, in fact, that they ran themselves right into oncoming traffic. A small sedan went right over the top of both Grizzly and Pixie, but luckily Pixie walked away unharmed. Grizz on the other hand sustained very serious internal injuries and a fracured femur. (when I say fractured I mean it was snapped in half and a piece of bone was protruding from the skin) YUCK!
We took Grizzly to the closest Vet office we could find and there they told us that he would need surgery on his interval injuries immeadiately or he would die. They told us the approximate cost and gave us a minute to discuss whether we wanted to do the surgeries or put him to sleep. Kenny said "There is NOTHING to discuss, we will do whatever it takes." What a sweety!
So at that point they transfered us up to the Cottonwood animal hospital in SLC, where a team of surgeons were awaiting us :) That was a long, scary ride. Grizzly's temperature was dangerously low from the state of shock that he was in. We had to put him down next to the vent and crank the heat up 100%. Then every so often I'd have to check on him and make sure he was still alive. Needless to say, I was a complete wreck at this point.
When we arrived the Vet, Dr. Woodworth (who I could hug and kiss everytime I see him because he was so warm and fuzzy), warned us of the very high probability that Grizz wouldn't make it through the surgery. He was so unstable at that point and anesthesia is extremely hard on little dogs. He told us that the last time he was in this exact situation, the dog passed away as soon as the medication hit his bloodstream. We then had to say our goodbyes to Grizzly, hoping that the next time we saw him he would still be alive. Needless to say, I am balling right now just thinking about it again.
So they sent us home, promising that they would call with any updates. I kind of wish we could have a recording of the two of us on that ride home. We were praying over and over and I was basically hyperventilating...Not a joke, that my face and fingers started tingeling from lack of O2. And it wasn't until this point that Kenny FINALLY let out a little bit of his emotions. That was a huge step for big bad Ken :) We were a completely out of controll! We can actually laugh about it now!
So I probably called the hospital ten time during G's surgery. Finally at about 1:30 in the morning Dr. W called to tell us that our sweet pup had survived the operation. He said that when he first opened G up he thought to himself "Oh no! There is no way I am going to be able to put him back together." He said it was the worst diaphram hernia he had ever seen. He continued by telling us that as he started working things just seemed to come together perfectly, and he was very pleased with the end result. I have no doubt that this was an answer to our prayers.
We were so relieved at this point but we had another scare when it took the G-man 5 hours to wake up from the anesthesia!! There were points when we thought he might not wake up at all. BUT HE DID! And of course we were thrilled that another prayer had been answered.
Because G had such a hard time with the anesthesia, the Dr's decided to wait three days before they would repair his femur fracture. This was a long three days! We basically lived at the hospital, only going home for an occasional shower and sleep.
On Monday they repaired his leg with four pins. The repair went well and he handled the anesthesia much better this time around. They let us take him home the next day!!!
It is so great to have him home with us again. He hobbles around, sleeps a TON, and gets LOTS of LOVE and attention from his mom and dad:)
This was one of the scariest most emotional things that we have gone through together. It has made us really think about how attatched we have allowed ourselves to get to a silly little pet. I tell everyone that I KNOW how ridiculous it is to love a dog this much, but I JUST CANNOT HELP IT!!! We feel so blessed to still have Grizz in our lives. Thanks for all the phone calls, visits, thoughts, and prayers for us. We have such great friends and family.
I better end this before it sounds like a post straight from :) Here are some pics from the week from H..E..Double

Chillin with Grizz outside the hospital. This was awaiting his fermur repair. So beware that his leg looks freak nasty!

Banged up and bruised:(

Were our car lived for five days stright!

This all happened just hours before I was so start our annual GIRLS WEEKEND, with my mom and sisters. So sad that I missed all the fun. But they were sweet enough to stop and visit Grizz.

His home away from home.

Our backs were dead by the end of all this :)

like I said...LOTS AND LOTS of loves!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Now I am starting to realize that there are only a handful of peeps that even visit this blog site, but that is ok. For you sweet few I am in need of some serious help...
I am currently serving in the Young Woman presidency in my ward. The time has come for us to submit budgets and plan the upcoming year of weekly activities. Yea, crazy I know! So the problem is that I feel like I have used up every good idea that I have already. My fountain of creativity has run dry. I NEED SOME IDEAS!
Please gals out there... I bet 95% of you are either serving in the YW now or grew up going to YW activities every week. Even just one suggestion of something that you remember or that has worked well in your ward would help A TON! Even if I don't know you. Don't be afraid. I will love you for it forever!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

So last week was our wards Girls Camp! It was full of fun...skits,zip lines,canoeing,games,hikes,rain storms,stories by the fire,yummy food and great company! I know it sounds lame but girls camp is actually one of my favorite places to be! Here are some pics from the weeks events.
The cute girls and leaders


Confidence Coarse...So scary!

Just a little rain...nothing a little garbage bag couldn't handle.

Mel giving her hubbie a high five on the zip line. I think it almost dis-located her shoulder!

I LOVE these girls!

Getting ready to row row row your boat!

Games were my favorite part!


Our skit was hilarious thanks to "Big Red"...our Hairy God Faaaather!


Thank to everyone who came and helped out. It was a blast. Till next year!!

PS Mel-thanks for being the camp photographer and letting me yoink these pics from your cute blog!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lake Powell

Ok, for all you sweeties that actually look at this disgrace of a blog...I am making you a promise here and now! I am going to be a better blogger starting today! I've been lame because my camera has been in the repair shop for weeks due to water damage. Yes friends, I nearly ruined another electronic device due to my carelessness around H20. Anyways, I think I will be able to pick it up TODAY! WAHOO! So get ready for some picture overload!
Here are the pics from Lake Powell that I promised.