Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Now I am starting to realize that there are only a handful of peeps that even visit this blog site, but that is ok. For you sweet few I am in need of some serious help...
I am currently serving in the Young Woman presidency in my ward. The time has come for us to submit budgets and plan the upcoming year of weekly activities. Yea, crazy I know! So the problem is that I feel like I have used up every good idea that I have already. My fountain of creativity has run dry. I NEED SOME IDEAS!
Please gals out there... I bet 95% of you are either serving in the YW now or grew up going to YW activities every week. Even just one suggestion of something that you remember or that has worked well in your ward would help A TON! Even if I don't know you. Don't be afraid. I will love you for it forever!


lramey said...

so, any idea i could give you has already been used by these girlies! But, if I think of anything new, I'll let you know for sure! Good luck!

Tyler and Emily said...

hmmm... I will be thinking about this and get back to you. One activity that I LOVED in YW was a 'fashion show' wearing our grandmother's wedding dresses, vintage clothes, jewelry etc. The activity focused on temple marriage. All our grandma's came and had a ball! What else...you could email Bets... betsybroadwater@yahoo.com, she was in YW more recently and may have some great ideas. But I will keep thinking.

Jamie and Tom said...

Hey McKenzie! This is Jamie king. I just ran into your blog from off of jessica's blog. You are super cute! I read this and it made me think back on our times together in young womens... good times! I'm not sure what you've done already, but some that I remember that we did were all of our craft things, we did a vinyl lettering one once that was really fun, just on a block of wood or glass or something, or volunteered at DI, that was super fun to go through all of the crazy clothes... service scavenger hunt if your girls are ambitious, one time we just played pounce, that card game... it was so fun just as a stress reliever from school... i don't know what the point of it was. I guess jsut bonding time!, um... fashion show for modest dresses, tye dye underwear, make chocolates or any food for that matter... haha well good luck!!

Jen said...

I was just released from a presidency... but the first, easy thing that comes to mind - We'd put together little treat bags, w/ a thank you note & scripture about the temple/temple work - and then drive up to the temple and leave the little gifts on the cars in the parking lot of those attending the temple that evening.

There are also lots of sites on the web with ideas out there. Try http://www.sugardoodle.net

Marnae said...

Our YW president taught the girls how to make homemade bread, then gave it to some families in the ward. They did a stress relief night and learned some yoga moves, meditation, hand and foot massage and then did pedicures.
When I was in YW we had a lip sync competition that was super funny. I rocked Blondie like nobody's biz
Good luck I will keep thinking too.

jill said...

hey mac, don't worry...I am a faithful blog reader of yours! as for your dilema, I think I might have a few suggestions: we once did a "modesty fashion show" with old prom dresses and wedding dresses that turned out really fun. We had a run way with christmas lights and a hilarious announcer who really spiced things up, then we had a speaker who talked on the importance of modesty before temple marriage.

my mom did a fun class with laurels where she did a little cooking show and taught them how to eat on a budget, and not use many ingredients(to get them ready for college). she has a hilarious handout that I can get if you want it.

service scavenger hunts are always fun.

We did a "spa night" where we did manicures, pedicures, facials, and talked about keeping the outsides of our bodies clean and well taken care of (we had a few girls that needed a gentle reminder about hygiene). At the end we also had someone give a five minute talk about keeping our "spirits" clean and taken care of...if you can tell, our ward was big on the whole "double activity"- mixing something fun and then ending it on a spiritual note, it seemed to really get through to the girls though.

hmmm, I have lots of ideas, let me sleep on it and I will get back to you.

McLerran Family said...

sugardoodle.net has a lot of really great ideas for activities. I used it a lot when I was in activity days.

I hope you all are doing well. I really miss being around everyone!

kaci said...

Kenz, one of my favorites that I remember was the etiquette dinner that we did with the YM as well. We had somebody come and teach us about etiquette. Another one that we did as a presidency was a mix and match dinner with their parents or whoever. They wore mixed and matched clothes and ate with the wrong utensils. We cooked spagetti for them and it was way fun. I'll keep thinking.

By the way, what happened to your last post?

Natalie Simons said...

I am in the young women's too...so we can definitely share ideas. We just made locker first aid kits with safety pins, hair elastics, chap stick, mints, a mirror, band aids etc. The girls really seemed to like them. I put them in a little box and the girls decorated the outside of them. We also did a service activity this week where we cleaned a girls house in the ward who is about to have a baby. I will keep sending you ideas, if you will share some with me too :) Love you guys!
Your cousin,
Natalie (Young) Simons

Lindsey Lee said...

I totally look at your blog and you probably don't even know it! Anywho, im in Yw's too and am with ya...i need ideas. My mom gave me a few websites that seem to help me. i can email them to you if you send me your email!
Love your cute blog...you and Ken are adorable.

RazzFamily said...

I was in the YM for almost 2 years and I totally understand! Okay so here are some of my ideas...
1. Go to the BYU animal museum (sounds nerdy, but its really pretty cool and free)
2. Have Miss Utah come and speak. (my personal plug since I'm on the miss utah board)
3. Make missionary "love" kits- they can write notes, their testimony, send kool-aid, and then send them together.
4. With Halloween coming up, have them learn how to make candy apples and write halloween poetry (we did this one year and it was hilarious to read the poems)
5. Go to a Bridal store (I know the one by us does it all the time) and have the girls try on modest wedding gowns, take pictures... its really fun.

Okay- thats what I've got for now...good luck!

Jeremiah and Cassidy said...

Hey girl! Looks like everything is going great for you and Kenny! You seem like a very busy girl! :) Hope all is well!