Friday, August 15, 2008

Girls Camp 2008

So last week was our wards Girls Camp! It was full of fun...skits,zip lines,canoeing,games,hikes,rain storms,stories by the fire,yummy food and great company! I know it sounds lame but girls camp is actually one of my favorite places to be! Here are some pics from the weeks events.
The cute girls and leaders


Confidence Coarse...So scary!

Just a little rain...nothing a little garbage bag couldn't handle.

Mel giving her hubbie a high five on the zip line. I think it almost dis-located her shoulder!

I LOVE these girls!

Getting ready to row row row your boat!

Games were my favorite part!


Our skit was hilarious thanks to "Big Red"...our Hairy God Faaaather!


Thank to everyone who came and helped out. It was a blast. Till next year!!

PS Mel-thanks for being the camp photographer and letting me yoink these pics from your cute blog!


Palmers said...

Looks so fun! Our two lone girls are lucky to have you. I would have loved to have you as my YM's leader. p.s. i need to come in to your office for a cleaning, hopefully soon....

Tyler and Emily said...

Those girls are So lucky to have you. I miss you!! Hope you're doing well. p.s. LOVE the pic of you and Ken at the top
p.p.s haven't had my teeth cleaned since...ummm..when you cleaned them in school? Sick

Camie said...

McKenzie - it's Camie, Brittney's friend. Yes, I still check your blog and I THINK that is Brent Ramey in your girl's camp skit! Brent and my brother are great friends. He practically grew up at my house! Small world. Tell him I said hi! You're darling by the way!

Denise and Brandon said...

How fun!