Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Now I am starting to realize that there are only a handful of peeps that even visit this blog site, but that is ok. For you sweet few I am in need of some serious help...
I am currently serving in the Young Woman presidency in my ward. The time has come for us to submit budgets and plan the upcoming year of weekly activities. Yea, crazy I know! So the problem is that I feel like I have used up every good idea that I have already. My fountain of creativity has run dry. I NEED SOME IDEAS!
Please gals out there... I bet 95% of you are either serving in the YW now or grew up going to YW activities every week. Even just one suggestion of something that you remember or that has worked well in your ward would help A TON! Even if I don't know you. Don't be afraid. I will love you for it forever!