Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Weekend in Grand Junction

Last weekend my oldest brother moved, with his wife and four kids, from Iowa City to Grand Junction Colorado! My family is thrilled. They have lived so far away for eight long years and now they are finally just a simple 4 hours away.
All the Heiner's went out to help them move into their new beautiful home. We worked, and played, and laughed a lot. We had a great time... I just might have the best family in the world. Kenny and I fell in love with Colorado and seriously want to move there in the near future. Here are some pics. Just a is kind of picture overload.

PS-I just got put into the YW presidency in my ward. I am over personal progress and might be just a tiny bit overwhelmed about it:) If any of you sweet gals have any ideas or suggestions as to how your ward works with PP I would REALLY APPRECIATE it!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ferocious I Tell Ya

For those of you who may worry about me when I am home alone...don't. I have the best watch dog in America. He spends have of his little life laying out on the balcony, just waiting for an intruder to dare approach our home. And when they do (they usually being my next-door neighbors children) Watch Out! Grizzly can growl and scowl with the best of him. He may only be 3lbs...but that is 3lbs of pure fury baby!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Goodbye Sweet October...

Well folks one of my favorite months of the year has come and gone. I love everything about the month of October...the colors, smells, activities, weather, decorations. You name it, I love it. I am sad October is over but what a month it has been.

A couple weeks ago we got together with our sweet neighbor friends for a night of scares and terrors. We went to The Pie restaurant and accidentally ordered enough pizza to feed an army of hungry dieters. Oops.

After dinner we went and saw THRILLER.
I LOVE this performance, but I DON'T LOVE the scary zombies that come up from behind you and breath down your back. I swear the creatures target me. They know I cannot handle it. When I see them coming my heart immediately begins to pound, I start to sweat, and it is not unusual to witness screaming and tears from me. Yes, people, I know they are just dancers dressed up to be zombies, but my mind looses all reason in the heat of the moment.

This one would not leave me alone! I should have yanked on the dangling arm. That would have showed her:)

This is my friend Rachel and her husband Mick. As this action shot so beautifully depicts, Rachel is just as big of a baby about getting scared as I am. Haha! I love you Rach!

Ken was protecting me from this one. What a stud.

I am happy to report that we survived the night. Thanks for all the fun guys!

We carved ourselves some more mean pumpkins this year!

And last, but not least, we attended the Halloween Bash of the Year
Thanks to the best hosts we know, Devin and Jen Bird, we got together with lots of our favorite friends on Halloween night. We ate, and laughed at each others costumes, and played games, and ate some more. Good times! Here are some of the costumes from the night.

Ken was Joe Dirt and I was his Chick Brandy

Mike and Andrea as Dawg and his Wife. So Hilarious!

Devin, Jen and Paityn as Dorthy, the Wicked Witch, and...I am not really sure, but she/he sure can dance:)

Abbie and Seth as Oompa Loompas

Sean and Lynzi as a Witch and her Broom

Nancy as Rainbow Bright
I didn't get pictures of everyone... Ken's personal favorite for the night was Matt Gammell as Christopher Robins. So Funny!
What a rockin' Halloween!